There and Back again- A con adventure….

Well, today is the after day. A day to ponder a lot of things especially all the incredible things my grandfather did during WWII. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and many other campaigns on the european front.  I am so grateful for his sacrifice to keep my freedoms intact.

It is also the day after the Phoenix Comic Con. I usually do not get a day off after the shows, but for some reason things just worked out that way. The nap was great, yet office still needs work.

So how was the show???? Will I go back??? Did I beat the San Diego Free Sketch Record???

Well the show was fantastic. You bet we are going back and as for the record…. total Free Sketch Count was 970, which beat the SDCC record.

To start it off, I enjoy the yearly tradition of the Southwest Sketch off on Thursday night. I sat next to Todd Nauck and Tony Parker. I do not think the moderator realized that I am also a quick draw artist and by the end of the evening even he was trying to stump me.

Friday, started off with me on several panels. My first was Con Horror Stories. My friend Tony parker was on this panel as well and between the four panelists and moderators, you can tell how human we truly are. I laughed really hard that hour. After that panel I was ushered into my next panel which was mythopic story telling with Terry Tibke and J.S.Lewis (Grey Griffins series). I was rushed back to my table after that to focus on the sketch count.

It was nice to have skulljammer and steamcrow right next to us. As well of J.S.Lewis by my side. we had a lot of fun with them.

Saturday was like San Diego Comic Con. There were so many people that I was unable to get away until my panel that evening. That panel was “Bringing your fantasy world to reality”. I really want to let the moderator and those that attended, how grateful I am for your wonderful questions and thoughts.

Dinner was nice, my daughter had a fantastic time. It was her first con. There was the epic fail as well that night. Some stupid schmuck got arrested at the geek prom and was drug out of there with his kitty cat dressed girl friend.

It was nice to James Owen and Jason Palmer again as well. That is what I like about the shows. I really get a chance to meet old friends and meet a lot of new ones. I will have to take a moment to link to all the great story tellers that I was able to spend time with.

The other thing I like about the shows, is the attendees. The fans are incredible. I really enjoy sketching for them and chatting with them. To me this is what makes the shows worth it. The sketches were all over the place. I am going to have to post a few of the best ones.

Sunday was just a sketching day. We were on the smugglers run. I think matt was so determined to see me beat the record. It was pretty funny to watch people sneak by and try to hide from storm troopers.

The day ended well. We were really worn out by the end of the show. I am so grateful for daniel and donna and Amy and Tim we could not have done this for with out you.

Over all Phoenix is by far the best show we do all year. We love the show and are so looking froward to next year. I love how it is run, the new venue is fantastic and after a few years I think they will get the minor kinks out of it. Yet the pros way out weigh the cons. It is well worth putting it on your con schedule for next year.

Well until then, it is time to get back to work, issue 6 needs to be inked.

Keep on creating