A perfect spot for a lazy afternoon
4 Oct
A perfect spot for a lazy afternoon

As you might have noticed there have been some changes around here. Pretty big ones, but as my worlds grow and develop my site needed to grow with it. I needed to make the site a little more secure, a little more friendly and more central for my fans, my friends and and weary travelers that finds their way here.

My goal was to create a place, where I could showcase my art a little better. Post my musings, which you are reading now, and still have a place to showcase my stories, which I will continue to post for FREE. My best advice is to just start exploring. There are many places to visit and go to, places to comment on and adventures to find.

You can still read the comic and it still updates mondays and thursdays. I am also working on a new project as well, something fantastic and special a lot different than my regular comic work. Look for tidbits here in the musing section and it too will also be a kickstarter project.

Thanks again for hanging out and keeping the bean alive.

Keep creating