Kickstarter Books Arrive
4 Oct
Kickstarter Books Arrive

Let the Shipping Begin: I am usually camera shy- but I just couldn’t hold back the excitement of having 2000 Lazy Afternoon artbooks show up in my driveway a few weeks ago. Now the madness begins as I sign, bag and fill each Kickstarter reward. It’s an incredible feeling watching my adventure become a reality and finally being able to share it the way I envisioned it.

I will have a much more detailed process in a few weeks.

Right now all(everyone that filled their survey out) of the $25 rewards have shipped. $35 shipped today and the $45, 65 and 90 should leave next week. We are waiting on the coloring books. If you are in the U.S. you will be getting your books and prints in 2 packages, due to media mail rule changes. Outside the U.S. will get only one package.

all the custom art and books will be going after the main group leaves. This will allow me to add a little more time and love to your books.

Keep creating