An open letter to my kids and an art book…
16 Oct
An open letter to my kids and an art book…


When I first started putting together my Art Book for my Kickstarter project I thought it would be rather easy because I had a large selection of prints. Yet since they were all over the map in sense of style, story and feeling I struggled with a way on how to connect them. I really didn’t know how, until as I watched my kids play, I realized that even though I was following my own dream I still needed to include them and leave them a note to remember how important it is to follow a dream.

So I started to write and pretty soon my art book “Adventures for a Lazy Afternoon” became an open letter to them and any other dreamer out there. I wanted it to be personal and something special for their own kids. When this became my focus, writing the prose for the book became more personal.  I started to think if I was not around what message could I leave for them. What way could I talk to them from afar, when life brings us apart. It was through the book. Mind you I am not going anywhere – but you never know when you will be called on another adventure… so what message do you leave to those around you.

For me it was the gift of following a dream. It is the magic of adventuring, playing and the great power of imagination. That is part of my legacy – that they would be allowed to dream big.  There are other messages I want to leave them, but right now this is the most powerful, that they control their destinies – not I. I am just an old guide, giving them a little council to find a path, whatever it might be.

So what is your legacy? Your message? Do you have one? I hope so. I hope you take the time to create a message, using the talents that are hidden inside you waiting to be discovered. They are powerful gifts. Be willing to share them. Follow your dreams and look for the adventures life can offer and not dwell on the negative. It is up to you and you might be surprised at what your open letter to the world might be.  I am.

Everyone has something to offer – Everyone has a gift. Just people choose not to look for those gifts by using the phrase “I am not talented” or “I am too old” or “I don’t have time”.  You choose your path and if you start looking a little… gifts appear, talents become realized and the incredible power of those gifts become a message to someone else. You can and you should look to find ways to inspire other do something amazing.

Now that my project is done, the books shipped and things are settling down, I’ve realized my message has not changed. My open letter to my family is stronger than ever, and evolving a little. That makes me excited. There are many more stories to tell, many more adventures to follow and many more dreams to be realized. I hope they see that message as well and find ways to make their dreams powerful realities.

Keep creating. Keep finding ways to make things happen and never give up.