an the Eisner winer is…..

The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschi

A very well deserved win. His stuff is so so awesome. It was really cool to see Dave Peterson of Mouse Guard, except the award for him, especially since his wife just had a new baby. What a year for Karl. I am so proud of his great comment.

As for The Bean, I am just excited to now be a Nominated Eisner comic artist. It is soooooo cool and sooooo awesome to be counted with so many great and fantastic artists. It is also giving me huge drive to keep pushing forward. But enough about me – especially since i am working on 4 hours sleep and have to drive back to SDCC in a few minutes (no worries i am not driving)

So enough about me. Take a moment to go check out Karl’s incredible and thoughtful webcomic. He truly is raising the bar and I am honored to have been allowed to be in the same category as him…. It is a great feeling.