the Great Kickstarter Project: The Bean vol 1: graphic novel….

The Bean vol 1: Graphic Novel Kickstarter project.

I finally got this put together. I am taking the first 4 comics (152 pages of story) and putting it together in graphic novel form. I was trying to fund it myself originally, yet when my work laptop went on the fritz it through all my plans out the window.

As you know I don’t give up and have decided to put together a kickstarter project to fund the graphic novel. Here is my project. I need 5 grand to get it going and there are some awesome rewards to those that help back the project. Including original commission work. I love kickstarter and how it is devoted to helping creators achieve their goals.

Their philosophy is simple “All or nothing” If it funds, the projects moves forward. If it doesn’t fund, there is no exchange of money.  Kickstarter allows you to be involved in helping artists and creators build some fantastic things.

Click here to see our project

As the project progresses I will be posting more videos, cover art and shop talks to keep everyone informed on what is going on.


Please spread the word- every bit helps!