Bean now available as an e-book

Download the Digital ebook of Bean today!

It took some time but I finally have decided to offer Bean and e-book as well as a printed piece. Especially since a lot of my friends are now reading their comics on their kindle and iPads. It was only natural to offer this as well.

Yet I wanted to give it some value a well. The cool thing about digital e-books is you are not bound by traditional page counts. So I decided, what the heck, I am going to add more pages to the book. So I added a map, and more information about the broken moon. This will be material not found online or the printed book.

The other thing was the fact that I hate it when e-books are marked for the same price as printed books. They are not, there are no printing cost involved so they should not be the same price. So I am offering the comic for $1.75. Thats it.

I also wanted to make it easier for those that live over seas and want a more personal copy, without the shipping.

So download it and put it on your ipad, computer or ebook reader. I will release issue 2 in a month or so because I am adding new content to that as well.

So enjoy the tale – and download your copy today.