Well, this is the week of Wondercon. If you happen to be in the San Francisco area, April 1-3, then this is the con for you. It’s put on by the same folks that do APE and SDCC.

It’s one heck of a trip up north to the bay area and one that is well worth it. I really enjoy the show from both an exhibitor and fan stand point. It’s a show that is a little bigger than Emerald City Comic Con and the Phoenix Con, yet still way smaller than SDCC.

It’s the perfect con size where one can get to talk to an artist, other comic buffs, or creators without feeling the massive crowds of SDCC. It is also where I have had some of my most incredible creative experiences in my sketch quests.

What most people do not realize, is that during shows I sketch for FREE  so come by BOOTH 310 (see the map). The main challenge is that you come up with the idea yourself. Honestly, for the most part the ideas are pretty standard. The real fun comes from those that are familiar with the challenge.  They can sure make up some pretty wild ideas. I don’t mind drawing superheros or portraits, but it’s the hippo storm troopers or robot fish that make the FREE sketches exciting.

So here’s to a safe trip, a fun adventure
and a very creative experience.