Wow, just got back from SDCC and I am still recovering. Yet I am working hard on the color updates. So much good stuff. Things continue to go well on the home front and look for the next color update on thursday. The SDCC report will be coming soon. trav  

One of the cool things about going back and coloring all the black and white comics of the bean, is that I get to use color to enhance and change moods. I love how this page turned out, especially as we hear a glimpse of the story of bean’s father. I felt the reds really […]

Plugging away on the color pages. Color sure makes the story so much stronger. Thanks again for all your support, we sure appreciate it. It’s you that makes all of this possible. trav

Good morning. Quick update today. I am prepping for the Tucson Comic con. Looking forward to an weekend – but I needed to make sure that I got this page up. Keep creating trav  

Good morning- sorry I am a little late today. I got in really late from the tucson comic con last night and what an incredible trip that was. I love the small to mid size cons, I love the big shows as well, but those small shows really allow me to chat and talk with […]

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