The Bean 660
The Bean 660
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patreonsmalladGood morning. Quick update today. I am prepping for the Tucson Comic con. Looking forward to an weekend – but I needed to make sure that I got this page up.

Keep creating




Henry Wheeler » 12 Dec 2021 » Reply

I really liked this site, it has a lot of really funny drawings. It's perfect for boredom.

Andy » 3 Nov 2015 » Reply

Wow Bean's two powerful guardians aren't very perceptive..

Asryth » 2 Nov 2015 » Reply

What a winner. How old was Bean when 'Deadbeat Delano' ditched him at the Silver Dagger?

Celidah » 2 Nov 2015 » Reply

Well, this is going well already.

Jack » 2 Nov 2015 » Reply

In his defence, Bean, you don't really have any facial features.

hoomi2 » 2 Nov 2015 » Reply

"Don't you know me?"
"Should I?"
"Okay, well then, do you know the meaning of 'Patricide'?"

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