The Bean 661
The Bean 661
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patreonsmalladGood morning- sorry I am a little late today. I got in really late from the tucson comic con last night and what an incredible trip that was. I love the small to mid size cons, I love the big shows as well, but those small shows really allow me to chat and talk with people. It really keeps things into perspective for me. I want to thank the organizers for making the show are fun experience. It made the trip worth it.

So today’s update… Well the cat is out of the bag…. and we finally learn who the left the Bean at a very dank and dark inn, in the care of couple of ogres. Which maybe in the long run was not a bad thing.

This is a scene I have wanted to share for a long long time. It’s finally great to see it down on paper.

Thanks again for the incredible support and keep creating



Nic » 12 Aug 2017 » Reply

"still alive … Not that it matters much."
How has dad survived so long with such tact and charm?
Bean's dad appears to be good at spinning tales, but why is he so bad at perception? (Bean is carrying a large, shiny very fancy sword in his hand and does not look happy at the reunion). So dad maybe should be a little more tactful.

Ruthie » 9 Nov 2015 » Reply

Well, Bean's dad is taking this well, but will Bean? Not sensing a lot of paternal remorse for abandoning his son. If Bean's "mood swings" get out of control again, someone could lose an arm. I'm surprised Tillian isn't eyeing that sword already…

Celidah » 9 Nov 2015 » Reply

Huh. I expected him to be more surprised. Nice recovery there.

hoomi2 » 9 Nov 2015 » Reply

He'll tell the tale for another round of ale, which he needs since he just spit out the last round!

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