The Bean 124
The Bean 124
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pubg 0.14 » 14 Aug 2019 » Reply

nice post admin

more here » 31 May 2013 » Reply

I must say this time I am a bit disappointed with the comics this time. I have been a follower of your posts and love your comics. But, in this post you have not clearly mentioned the actual message that you wish to convey.

that guy » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

HOLY *beep*!!!!!!!!

RikaNeko » 2 Feb 2011 » Reply

I really can't help but be in awe of your storytelling and drawing skills. I mean, it's remarkable how you're able to convey everything in black and white and still gracefully manage to make the images not confusing. Even with all this detail, it's remarkable how I can still see what is what.

dav » 24 Jul 2010 » Reply

Looked like an evil teddy bear until I realized that what I thought was it's left ear was a falling rock.

Trav the bean » 21 Jun 2010 » Reply

I'm cool with stalking my art:)

As for your answer…if your will wait a bit, i think it is revealed soon:) I would hate to ruin it though.

thomas » 19 Jun 2010 » Reply

Gudday – another fan has come from somewhere on the Internet and decided that the slight mix of ores and humans working a pub together, of scary rhyming goblins and elven half breed boys makes a good plotline, and black-and-white cutaway scenes of confusing multitudes of scenery make a very pleasant viewing experience. I have enjoyed the pace and the depiction of your characters – the idea of a drink brewed by ogres was a grand touch, making a simple dumb character into a deep well resourced intelligent culture that has strength and capabilities of their own. Hey – I like it. Well Done Mr Bean!

    Trav the bean » 21 Jun 2010 » Reply

    I wanted my races to be unique and not your typical stereotypes. Even though a group of individuals might look dumb I want to prove they are not.

    I am glad you are enjoying the adventure and hope to see you around quite a bit. We try to keep the brews well stocked here. So pull up a chair and enjoy.


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