The Bean 8
The Bean 8
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Todays Color update is brought to you by the good patrons of Patreon. They are helping making bean come to life in full color. Thank you.




Aquila audax » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

Such a beautiful job with the colouring! It actually makes me notice more detail from the original. Like the garlic bulbs hanging on the wall and the bottles on the oven. Thank you for creating such an intricate world for us to delve into!

    ironhenry » 15 Oct 2010 » Reply

    A comment like that makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time =D

timmothy » 4 Sep 2010 » Reply

Nice detail in the kitchen and very cool perspective of the ogre. I like that our cranky ogre, having just dished it out, is now on the receiving end of a tongue lashing and pulls both characters into you. Not sure about Bean's conversation with himself: He is pissed and scared now so I believe he would have said 'I hate it when he does this' even though it has happened before.

    Trav the bean » 11 Oct 2010 » Reply

    Actually that is the cranky ogre's brother on the receiving end:) as for the bean i think it is more of being annoyed.

      @calvsie » 23 Aug 2014 » Reply

      ah so Grot and Groggle be Brothers! I had wondered about that.

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