The Bean 134
The Bean 134
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Zimriel » 31 Mar 2017 » Reply

But they were – all of them – deceived

SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

And for some reason one of the goblins is shouting at his team-mate… o_0;

Ivan » 4 Feb 2011 » Reply

Hmm I wonder if there is a reason why that symbol(skull?) at the center of the sword is reversed in the blade Bean is holding…

    Trav the bean » 6 Feb 2011 » Reply

    artist mistake maybe…yet i think i can work it into the story

Dishwasher » 22 Jul 2010 » Reply

Ooo, he'd better be careful with that bonus boldness…

Hoomi » 22 Jul 2010 » Reply

You know that SOMEONE just HAS to post this…
"Bye-bye, boys! Have fun stormin' the castle!"

Still not sure if I'll make it out there for SDCC, but if I do, I'll be sure to stop by, Trav.

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