The Bean 153
The Bean 153
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Kasper » 16 Jul 2020 » Reply

This page isn't showing, for some reason.

    Areader » 31 Jul 2020 » Reply

    This page and several following it have broken image links

      BeanTown » 14 Aug 2022 » Reply

      Ah, I see. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Monsterlover » 23 Aug 2013 » Reply

He really needs a friend who can tolerate his insanity.

Ruthie » 4 Dec 2012 » Reply

This page reminds me of songs I used to play on the piano by ear, but never wrote music for, and now have forgotten. Losing a song that way is terrible. Trying to remember a tune, but never getting it right, yet wishing you had it again, yeah. A sad moment for Mr. Troll

    Trav the bean » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

    a very very sad moment indeed for him… one that will push him over the edge

b003 » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

Yeah, finally caught up! Most excellent webcomic!

Steve » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

The collector looks kinda sad… and the rhyme… this makes me kinda sad for his sake. It seems like without the song that he's heard so long, driving him, he's lost his strength and motivation so he's afraid that he's now alone in the dark hall. I imagine that he didn't feel alone even if he wasn't with someone else before, because the song was always with him. So this could be the first time he feels TOTALLY alone.

Poor collector. *sniff sniff* … of course, I could be completely wrong!

    Trav the bean » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

    that's pretty deep- he is to a degree a tragic figure, driven by one thought only to have it taken from him.

Trav the bean » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

you'll have to check out when bean first met the guardian to find that answer:)

LadyOtter » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

Well, for Bean's sake, i really really hope he cut that rope. If not, he won't last very long. which would be sad, cuz that would mean the end of an amazing comic. 🙁 🙂

    » 11 Nov 2012 » Reply

    If you look back at the older pages, you'll see that the rope was broken when the rock gollem attacked.

Mutters » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

I like him, even if he's bad I really hope he turns out to have some redeemability or at least goes after someone -worse-.

… I like the rhyming, so sue me!

    Trav the bean » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

    i like rhyming as well- as for redeeming qualities- i cannot say….

      Mutters » 28 Sep 2010 » Reply

      /worry Awww! Rawr… urgh… at least let him go out with more dignity than gollum! >.>

        Trav the bean » 28 Sep 2010 » Reply


          Mutters » 29 Sep 2010 »

          <.< Curse you and your fantastic writing yet perfectly staggered updates!

          (You're gonna have those three goblins from earlier that got lost in the labyrinth go after him aren't ya? I looked back through the old comics…)

          Trav the bean » 29 Sep 2010 »

          i am evil aren't i?:)

          i am just gonna keep my mouth shut. I would hate to spoil it for you

co0kiel0rd » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

Aah, what's at the end of the rope? A dead body? A rock? Nothing? So excited!^^

Etari » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

I have to wonder if this batty old thing will be shown as friend or foe…


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