The Bean 187
The Bean 187
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Been really busy with a few commissions, which is good. I will be posting these soon. In fact the commission section is the last part of travs art that I need to work on. I mean there are other things, I am just pretty slammed, which is good.

Thanks again for all the support these last few months. It has been fun. Well more to come soon.



Kiarelle » 4 Mar 2011 » Reply

I love your work, your style is so fascinating and the story just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us 🙂 Its an honor to observe such a great artist. You inspire me.

    Trav the bean » 8 Mar 2011 » Reply

    and we haven't even begun to get deeper:) I am so glad you are enjoying the tale and thank you for the kind comments.

Richard » 2 Jan 2011 » Reply

Hey Trav,
I was wondering if you would be open to a short story spin off to be included on your site?
I'd like to send you a pitch if you are interested. I sent you an email but it is possible that it did not get through due to new years internet issues.

If your interested please reply to the email.


    Trav the bean » 3 Jan 2011 » Reply

    Hi richard. I have thought about it in the past and I am going to send you a note. Yet I am also going to put my feelings down here as well, because I think it is a great question and one that deserves to be answered.

    Now is not the right time for spin offs, there is still much for me to put up and set up, before I open the doors to some other incredible stories in my world. I want to get bean way further into the world, so people can see what else is out there. I have it pretty thought out as well, I just need to make sure it stays true to my original vision. Which is pretty grand. Once I get many more things settled, I will then revisit the idea of letting people write and play in my worlds.

    What I would though hope for though is that people continue to enjoy it and contribute through comments and questions. I am sorry that I am not ready for branching or spin offs, there's too much at stake in the story and in a month or so you will see why.


Hoomi » 31 Dec 2010 » Reply

Hmm… I'm guessing the Bean is about to encounter a friendly face for a change!

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