The Bean 201
The Bean 201
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well i am working on two new pieces not related o the bean- I will post some more on those soon.

I am also finishing the edits on book 7 I would like it to go press on monday. We will say.

I also have the first 5 pages to 8 penciled – it is coming along very nicely.

well back to work



Sky » 2 Feb 2011 » Reply

He may be tough- but with such short legs, Ravna could out run him I bet! 😀

Turpenstein » 2 Feb 2011 » Reply

You sound busy – I hope the effort nets you a few ducats 🙂

Hoomi » 2 Feb 2011 » Reply

Ogres may be 'tough as steel,' but I sure wouldn't bet against Ravna.

    Trav the bean » 6 Feb 2011 » Reply

    ravna is a tough cookie, but she'll have to back it up, she has been a lot of talk lately

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