The Bean 208
The Bean 208
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Some fun things are happening wit bean right now. Issue 7 went to press today.

Also I finished the pencils on  page 25 of book 8. Book 8 is moving pretty strongly right now it’s a bit emotional and I am so blown away on how well it is moving along.

I am also looking at digital distribution as well. Offering each book for download on the ipad (with extras) for about $1.99 or $1.50 for each book.

Any thoughts?



Trav the bean » 24 Feb 2011 » Reply

so how does it look???

ChrisJ » 19 Feb 2011 » Reply

I really love Gwen’s reaction to the sword. It gives a great sense of just how heavy the destiny of the sword will weigh on Bean.

Jens Bejer Pedersen » 18 Feb 2011 » Reply

I like reading The Bean online but would also like to have an offline version so I'd definitely be interested in buying Bean as PDF's, and the price mentioned would be OK by me

    John » 20 Feb 2011 » Reply

    I don't know how such stuff is traded usually… Isn't PDF too easy to share? Wouldn't just everybody start sharing them for free? I don't like when people just steal, downloading free content from torrents.

      Trav the bean » 24 Feb 2011 » Reply

      They are easy to share – but if more people get it, than hopefully they will buy the trades, plus It seems that there are many honest people out there that would be willing to buy it as well. I am small enough I could use all the love possible.

    Trav the bean » 11 Mar 2011 » Reply

    very cool – i sure appreciate hearing that

NateBBQ » 18 Feb 2011 » Reply

Any thought beyond the iPad? just total digital distribution, like the Nook or the Kindle? I don't have either, but I would definetly look into those if the Bean was available.

Co0kieL0rd » 18 Feb 2011 » Reply

Sometimes they have five fingers, sometimes four. And their feet are rather crooked, also with a varying amount of toes. So what are they now?^^

    Trav the bean » 18 Feb 2011 » Reply

    It depends on the race on how many fingers & toes. Elves=4 Humans=5
    I try not to screw it up when I draw them:) So if you go back you will start to see who is elf and who is not

      idd » 20 Feb 2011 » Reply

      Hmm so that makes Bean either, an ogre, a troll, a goblin, an elf, or a half-blood of of one of those. Half-blood because Bean’s imagined father has 5 fingers, and he has 4. As do that menagerie above. Admittedly of those, he has the complexion of the elves, or some of the middle people.

      idd » 20 Feb 2011 » Reply

      Ahh look at that, I was reading back though looking for that fourth other race (goblins) that I remembered, and there it was right in the story.

      I don’t come back every day you publish, but I do come back and catch up every few weeks. I must admit I like the line art. It allows your mind to add color and texture. I’ve also looked at your panel art, and it reminds me slightly of the artist who’s name I can’t recall that did stuff with conan type pictures in the 70’s and 80’s. That artist used watercolor though.

        Trav the bean » 21 Feb 2011 » Reply

        oh there are more than 4 races- they just haven't all shown up yet. I think I know who you are talking about and I am glad you like the linework.:)

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