The Bean 211
The Bean 211
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Well, first off, lets give a book update on what is happening behind the scenes. Book 7 will arrive here on Tuesday. Pretty jazzed about that. Also I have 13 pages left to pencil on book 8. I cannot believe how quick that one is moving. It is very nice to see it flow so well. I had to go back to the other books though to rereference rooms. Gotta make sure things fit right.

Also take a moment to check out another fantastic webcomic called ChickenHare. The art is fantastic and I love his colors and detail work in the comics. It is so worth the view. I will also be adding this to my wanderings page. It is quite refreshing to find other strong webcomics out there as well. In fact there is another one I will spotlight as well, which I will do on sunday.

As for lack of blog updates, that is due to a very busy schedule. Though at least the comic updates and will continue to update regularly. Once the show is done, I will jump back into the black update.

Thanks again for all the support. I have sure appreciated it and it encourages me to continue to push myself harder and keep up a high level of story telling. So back to the grind

keep creating



SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

… Victorian-style faeries. Hmmm…

idd » 25 Feb 2011 » Reply

In the stories, don’t some damsels in distress eventually end up with the hero “My hero” at the end of the tale? I’m not saying it happens often in real life, but it does occur. Maybe Mama got lucky an caught herself a man? Since Theron is human, it may be literal as well as literary?

    Trav the bean » 28 Feb 2011 » Reply

    Yet I also believe heroes are not always the one that comes dashing to the rescue, but the one that lives up to the expectations put upon them.

    I think mama got very lucky with theron, yet there is much to that story that needs to be told as well:) I do think your literal interpretation of catching a man is correct as well:)

Celidah » 25 Feb 2011 » Reply

I have a new favorite page! I didn't realize "Mama" was literal until she actually said it, and now that it's been revealed, I'm an even bigger fan of Mama and Theron's portrayals. I'd love to hear their back story now…I have a sneaking suspicious it's quite a romantic and adventurous little tale. 😀 Also, Bean's sense of wonder really comes through in the last panel.

On another note, you seem to be missing a period after "here" in the first panel, in Mama's third speech bubble. Not to be nitpicky, but I thought you might like to know.

    Trav the bean » 28 Feb 2011 » Reply

    yes mama is literal – though much of her quest remains to shared…. I am still working through that back story, yet i have some idea of how it happened.:) As for adventurous? maybe not as much as you might think:)

    Note on the period:) nitpicky is good since i missed all sorts of things here and there:)

Sky » 25 Feb 2011 » Reply

Haha I really love the "Wow.." at the end! 🙂 Its like I can really hear him saying it, all kinda quiet and whispery looking at those mystically fluttering fairies! haha! 😀

    Trav the bean » 28 Feb 2011 » Reply

    🙂 I enjoy hearing when people get the feeling i was trying to convey:)

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