The Bean 211
The Bean 211
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Well, first off, lets give a book update on what is happening behind the scenes. Book 7 will arrive here on Tuesday. Pretty jazzed about that. Also I have 13 pages left to pencil on book 8. I cannot believe how quick that one is moving. It is very nice to see it flow so well. I had to go back to the other books though to rereference rooms. Gotta make sure things fit right.

Also take a moment to check out another fantastic webcomic called ChickenHare. The art is fantastic and I love his colors and detail work in the comics. It is so worth the view. I will also be adding this to my wanderings page. It is quite refreshing to find other strong webcomics out there as well. In fact there is another one I will spotlight as well, which I will do on sunday.

As for lack of blog updates, that is due to a very busy schedule. Though at least the comic updates and will continue to update regularly. Once the show is done, I will jump back into the black update.

Thanks again for all the support. I have sure appreciated it and it encourages me to continue to push myself harder and keep up a high level of story telling. So back to the grind

keep creating