The Bean 267
The Bean 267
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well book 8 should be back from press in 2 weeks. I will have it for SDCC. Looking forward to that show and in the next week I will have my big post with everything about it.

I also had to reprint issue 2. Can’t believe how well they are moving.

I am also excited for my travel schedule to slow down after comic con for 2 months – i am going to enjoy the break .

So welcome to issue 8:) page 1



larek » 9 Jun 2012 » Reply

My initial glance of Mama's house is that its split in two, with a smoking creator. Which my brain only resolves to a tree after seeing how unconcerned Mama and six of her daughters are.

Its a great scene.

    Trav the bean » 11 Jun 2012 » Reply

    thank you – that is a very interesting illusion 🙂 i hadn't seen that before

Kiarelle » 11 Jul 2011 » Reply

I love your lines, you really make inking into such a stylistic art.

idd » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

My guess, Bean can sense the coming storm (not the weather) though the sword. Momma's domain is essentially Underhill and the goblins will probably not tread there, I'd be surprised if Momma and Poppa don't know what is is going on outside.

    Trav the bean » 21 Jun 2012 » Reply

    Actually he cant- that's not one of the effects of the sword

Ankur » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

bean will protect mama … the savior …

sfb » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

I certainly hope Bean isn't becoming complacent with his present situation. Though I think it would be quite easy, it is such an exquisite setting.

Scott » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

Oooo!! New page OUTSIDE of print!!

Adrian » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

Bean looks like he´s getting bored there … ^^

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