The Bean 266
The Bean 266
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Happy fourth of July- I must say that I happy for my freedoms, especially my freedom of religion, liberty and the pursuit to be happy. I am grateful for those men and women who sacrificed their lives so I could be here today. I am proud of my heritage. I know that there are others that feel the same way about their countries and I commend you for that and I hope you enjoy your individuality and the struggles your ancestors have made for you to be the person you are. May you always look for the positive and just be happy.



Ben » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

Wow. That was fast. Fencer is quite the sprinter.

    Trav the bean » 6 Jul 2011 » Reply

    actually- it took him a good portion of the morning to get there:) he was fast though, plus he must have had to do some convincing

Kiarelle » 5 Jul 2011 » Reply

First I want to apologize for vanishing. After finals wrapped up there was moving and then lots of summer stuff, spending time out and about doing things I couldn't while in school. I have kept tabs just not commented…and let me say I love the updates. The design quality in how you put together your pages is just gorgeous. And after working on some inking for flora myself I admire all you do with the 'world' shots and transitions on here. You are really such an inspiration to me. Great panning shot in this last one too. I'm thrilled to hear that you are putting together a graphic novel, best of luck in figuring out how to fund that.

And congrats on getting 8 off to the printers and book 9 started. I hope you keep going, because truly, you are an inspiration.

Celidah » 5 Jul 2011 » Reply

YEAH Fencer! He did it!!!

Mercy » 4 Jul 2011 » Reply

All right!! Fencer to the rescue!

billydaking » 4 Jul 2011 » Reply

Just wanted to say how much I love the movement of the visuals from the recent strips. It's extremely cinematic, especially when you read them back-to-back-back.

You're doing something most, if not all, comic haven't managed yet. You've got rhythm. 🙂

Robert » 4 Jul 2011 » Reply

Amen to that!

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