The Bean 276
The Bean 276
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Well, I am home and I thought I would have some time to put together a review of sdcc, but life is in the way. Family has been sick and there has been other obligations which I haven’t finished. In fact I haven’t even unpacked. Yet even though I am tired, I want everyone to know it was a blast.

A lot of nice memories and a lot of fun. I have a two month lull in-between shows before our next one, which will be Ape. Last weekend in Sept.

Also you might notice a few cosmetic changes to the site. It should make navigating things a little easier.

Well back to work



that guy » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

IIIII don't think he needs to be saved from the goblins. more like the goblins need to be saved from him……

billydaking » 29 Jul 2011 » Reply

Love the look of the goblin in the background on the left. All of his comrades are if full battle growl, but he's obviously having second thoughts. Smartest guy in the room….

    Trav the bean » 30 Jul 2011 » Reply

    not all goblins are dumb in my opinion… a little over aggressive maybe:)

cloud » 27 Jul 2011 » Reply

the sword has to be the one showing bean how to fight, because no dish washer i ever seen is that natural gifted in sword play. Maybe its in his blood so to speak, i wonder if one of his parents was an excellent and naturally gifted swords master.

    Trav the bean » 30 Jul 2011 » Reply

    i don't know i've known a few talented dishwashers…. especially in the art of towel snapping

Doug » 27 Jul 2011 » Reply

Dang!! Beans swinging that sword like he was born with it 🙂

    Trav the bean » 30 Jul 2011 » Reply

    weaved swords have a way of doing that to a person

Dormin » 27 Jul 2011 » Reply

I think the goblins are the ones who need help, actually.
In any moment, i expect Bean says, in deep-possesed voice :""LET THEM COME… GANADON HUNGERS….""

    Trav the bean » 30 Jul 2011 » Reply

    i dont know if he is going to say those words exactly.

Scott » 27 Jul 2011 » Reply

The boy seems to be handling himself all right, but a possessed evil sword seems to help.

Glennnn » 27 Jul 2011 » Reply

He's not done with them yet?

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