The Bean 282
The Bean 282
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Time for the next update. First off a big thanks to all those that have pledged so far on the kickstarter  project.  We are 65% funded and I appreciate all the support so far. Keep up the great work and continue to help us make our goal.

The next book is also moving along fantastically. I just finished 2 pages in the last 2 days and I am looking at finishing off about 3 or 4 more this week.  Also I will be posting more of the back cover soon-

Keep creating



Ruthie » 6 Dec 2012 » Reply

My, what big teeth those wolvms have! I’ve been wondering what they look like.

Catfish » 13 Aug 2011 » Reply

Awesome page… The rats are my favorite part. Didn't notice them the first time through!

    Trav the bean » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

    glad you noticed them- I like hiding stuff in all my work

@Rafnasil » 11 Aug 2011 » Reply

Yes, Gort as only company and a handful of drunken miscreants aren't the best brew for happy days.

Mercy » 10 Aug 2011 » Reply

Hey, it's Ravna–long time no see! She must be worn to a frazzle with Bean, Siv, and Groggle all gone missing for who knows how long.

    Trav the bean » 12 Aug 2011 » Reply

    she is a little frazzled – yet turn the page and there is a nice reunion:) … well sort off.

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