The Bean 307
The Bean 307
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Good morning –

Working on finishing off the book – really excited about how it is going. It should go to press on sat-

I’ll be back shortly




Scott » 7 Oct 2011 » Reply

Well, Gort's gonna be up pretty soon no doubt, the question is Siv.

sfbell09 » 7 Oct 2011 » Reply

Still awesome. Love it. Travis, will your revamped store have all of the books available for purchase? I contributed to the kickstarted and noticed that I will have 1-4 in the graphic novel, and then books 6-8. That leaves out #5. Can you point me in the direction of some place to purchase it?


    travsthebean » 7 Oct 2011 » Reply

    5 is actually included in that- i just did a typo:)

glennnnnnn » 7 Oct 2011 » Reply

The question is, WHO is doing this- making the extreme weather?

    Hornet » 7 Oct 2011 » Reply

    The lady of the forest, where Beans in the garden.

      glennnnnnn » 8 Oct 2011 » Reply

      At this point that can only be a guess.

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