The Bean 342
The Bean 342
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What a fantastic way to end the year. The holidays have been wonderful this year and I am really happy with were the bean has gone this year.

Funding the first bean graphic novel- now funding the second one has been …. well… amazing. Bean vol 2 funded the other day. There are 8 days left on the project.  If you want still get a copy with free shipping you’ll need to put a pledge in.

The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince. 



Friday will be the last regular update for awhile….starting January 1st my update schedule will change to twice a week for a few months. I am so sorry – it’s just the only way to keep things going and still allow me to do the commission work that is coming in.

If you enjoy this tale please tell your friends, get them to help support vol 2.

Keep creating and thanks for all the help.



Bren Ferris » 16 Oct 2015 » Reply

I just read all of this comic in a few days and am enthralled by your amazing drawing style and story skills. I saved a bunch of the pictures to try my hand at coloring them…something I have never done but I have a waccom and love coloring. I might print a few to color by hand and scan. I could send you the results in email or show them wherever you prefer. When will this story be updated again? Now that I'm hooked, I'm hoping it's soon, lol!

Chris » 6 Jan 2012 » Reply

She's lucky she didn't cut herself…

susan » 29 Dec 2011 » Reply

I don't care how often you update, just as long as you do. I'm wanting to see more of this story!

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    susan- i promise i will continue to update-

Sky » 28 Dec 2011 » Reply

Haha aw, almoost made it to the bed! 🙂

sfbell09 » 28 Dec 2011 » Reply

Thank you for sharing your incredible tale with us! Here's hoping that next year brings at least as much success.

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    thank you for enjoying it- this means a lot to me- and I hope the new year will bring you much success as well

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