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The Bean 319
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Well back to the story….

Today I head out to the tucson comic con. Looking forward to an awesome weekend of sketching, talking comics and having a grand time. If you are in the area stop by and hang out with us.

Also the books are now available for presale at the store. Order yours today. I have two boxes right now for the con this weekend and man do they look fantastic.

We will be shipping books though for the kickstarter project after the 15th of nov.


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Hoomi » 4 Nov 2011 » Reply

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow here in the Old Pueblo, Trav. Hopefully, being up against both the Celtic Faire and the UA Homecoming won't take away from the Comic Con.

    travsthebean » 7 Nov 2011 » Reply

    it was really nice seeing you and your son. Your costume on sunday was fantastic.

glennnnnnn » 4 Nov 2011 » Reply

It is cleaning up the trash after ugly people have left the neighborhood !

sfbell09 » 4 Nov 2011 » Reply

Who knew that Goblin skulls were so flammable? The posture conveys a certain amount of sadness over killing another living thing.

    travsthebean » 7 Nov 2011 » Reply

    actually that is one of their helmets, that burns:)

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