Here is the next page of the bean in color. It is a labor of love and a slow process, but as more and more people join our patreon campaign that allows me to be able to dedicate more time. For only a $1 update you can also become a patron of the arts. […]

Good morning – Yesterday we launched our survey’s for everyone who backed my story Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone. I am really excited about this part of the project. It means that I will be able to launch book 4 of bean soon… very soon. (jan) Also if you missed the […]

Good morning- big things are happening,  all over the place. It has been an incredible adventure and I cannot believe some of the things going on. Wow.  I am looking forward to sharing some of the great news. Here’s the next color page. I am working very hard on getting the next 38 pages out […]

Good morning- here is today’s update. We are almost done with the first chapter. It is pretty exciting. Plus I should have some new things to show really soon. Also time is running out to pre-order a Tanner Jones book and get it shipped out at the tail end of the kickstarter rewards. Means though […]

Hi my dear friends and supporters. Here is today’s color update. I cannot believe that we are 3 pages shy of finishing Chapter 1 of the first book in color. I am setting up chapter 2 color modes as well. Plus I am still working on chapter 16 of the b/w comic. I am trying […]

Good morning- Today’s color update features the wrath and anger of Ogre. I personally would not want to be on the receiving end myself. Production is moving along briskly. I am preparing also for tucson and signed and drew in 500 Tanner Jones Adventure Books. So I am keeping busy and upbeat about where this […]

This update was supposed to happen yesterday, but my world has been a little chaotic. My laptop crashed on monday and I have had to spend some time in trying to recover data and still finish off some big projects that need to get done. I apologize for the late delay. trav-

In the midst of shipping kickstarter rewards and trying to keep sane. The color update is a day late. But I will be back on track next week. This is a FREE Patreon color update as well. I have really appreciated the support that people have given me and I am looking forward into jumping […]

Well chapter 1 is finished and boy does it look good. Colors have begun on chapter 2. This is turning out amazing. Thank you for your help and your encouragement. Also most of the kickstarter rewards are going out today and tomorrow. Books are shipping 🙂 Well back to the artistic grind. trav-

One of my favorite scenes and boy do I love how the color came out. This just makes me feel good, especially as I realize that I am almost halfway through book 2 on the colors. Very very exciting. Book 4 is almost done as well. This is a major accomplishment this year and a […]

        Today’s update. Another page colored and some series production work on my newest kickstarter which is vol 4 of this series. I am combining chapters 13, 14, 15, 16 together. If you want a sneak peak and the kick and all the goodies just click the big graphic and it will […]

I really love how today’s color update came out. It has a lot more emotion now and I think it adds a lot to the mood and the piece. I am working on the kickstarter as well for book 4. I am almost ready to finish it off. Keep creating trav  

Good morning- Here is the next color page completed. I love how this scene came out. It’s feel and direction. Things are moving along well. There is a lot going on all that is good and I look forward to finishing up chapter 2 in several weeks. The kickstarter is almost ready for book 4 […]

Just wanted to get this up- i have the next page to draw for the comic today as well, plus I am packing for ECCC this weekend. I am really looking forward to the show this weekend. If you are in the seattle area and have tickets come stop by and hang out with us. […]

Working on packing for wondercon today and – yet here is today’s update for color. Constantly pushing forward. trav  

The last page of chapter 2 is completed today. There is sooooo much awesome things going on and I am looking at setting up the kickstarter for the color book in a month or so. I am finishing off Book 4 rewards at the moment and hopefully shipping out the last of the Dark Road […]

Time for an update on the Bean. It’s good to see the legend Siv in color. He is one of my favorite characters. I also like the mood of the colors. I wanted it to be cold and feel wet. So that’s why I choose the color scheme… I think really makes him look miserable […]

The adventure thickens. It’s pretty exciting to see the comic come together in color. Siv is one of my favorite characters and I love how the color is making the story deeper. It’s all about mood. If you want to read the whole story from the beginning visit START AT PAGE 1 HERE Also please […]

Good morning- I finally got to color some goblins… oh yeah 🙂 Nothing like goblins in the rain and night in the forest. Well enjoy today’s color update. I will be at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend so come on by and hang out. Thanks again Keep creating trav

Good morning- Nothing like starting the day with some fun color artwork. I hope you enjoy the hunt. That’s what siv does best. Well back to prepping for Salt Lake Comic Con next week. trav  

Good morning- Lets do questions. I think since we’ve hit 174 pages, now would be a fun time to have a little Q&A. Mind the spoilers and remember, just cause you ask doesn’t mean I will spill all the beans:) Yet I will be pretty open about answering on anything relating to the bean…. almost […]

Page 175 and other Tid Bits- Well the Q&A on the last update was a bust, but that’s ok, I figure that the questions are answering themselves. I do hope the new updating schedule has been easy on you as well. I hate changing things up at times, yet sometimes change is good. Recommended Reads […]

Still plugging through issue 7 and working on several commissions. If you want one send me a note. I’ll post more later. trav

It’s been a fun ride so far. We are finally getting into parts of the story that really made me want to do this in the first place.  As you take a moment to reflect back you will hopefully start to notice a few subtle and hidden things that are beginning to become reality. Everything […]

Well the big news is the contest. It doesn’t matter who (things pertaining to the comic)  you draw- it’s just you have to draw to be entered to win. So remember to send your drawings to Also we have several now. Hopefully I will be able to start posting some of those in the […]

Hi all- just thought i’d give a little note. 7 is in progress still, and there are all sorts of things going on. I’l fill you all in on tuesday. Have a fantastic day and boy are things getting dicey.

tap…tap…tap is this thing on? Ahem…. Ok it is time to announce the winner of the Fan Art Contest. Remember it was not based on how well you drew, but the fact that you submitted. Which was then thrown all to together and pulled randomly from a hat. Really hi-tech. Yet I am really excited […]

Well I am going to shorten the intro here – so you can see the other blog aspects. Still looking at some other additional changes here and there. I’ve started to do a few tweaks to shoptalk. I figured I would start adding custom artwork to the blogs, instead of older artwork. I hope you […]

So I am working on a few things right now that are pretty exciting. I have 3 prints in progress and some visual changes to the store. Which works find but needs some graphic changes. Just a little better layout and feel that’s all. I really am happy with the back end though. I am […]

Ok I am working on the next newsletter and if you want in on it just click the link and send me your email address.  Just click the graphic. What is in newsletter 2? Well I guess you are going to have to sign in and find out. Yet I will say this, it will […]

This page is one of those moments that I get all giddy about. There are several scenes in the Bean series that I see so clearly, that I have looked forward to drawing. This is one of them. You’ll see a few more as the series progresses. I have always been able to see this […]

Well it is time to munch a bowl of ice cream and take a breather. Life is busy and yet that is good.  I did get a chance to reflect a bit at Tide Pools in CA and enjoy the peace of the sea. Quite a unique experience. I am also prepping for Wondercon which […]

So what’s going on with Trav? Wondercon is coming up fast and so I am in full prep mode. Yet that is not stopping me from current projects as well. So what is going on? Well first, bean issue 1 is now available as a pdf- I even added several pages including maps and some […]

And now there was one…. Well I am now moving into con mode. Nothing like a convention to push everything else back. Yet it is exciting and monday I will post all about the planning and where you can find us in the newsletter and online. I also went through the back end of the […]

Well the week of wondercon is upon us. I am really looking forward to this show, especially to see old friend, meet some new ones and draw a bunch of free sketches. So if you are in San Francisco, stop on by and hang out with us. This also means that the comic work will […]

Well, you all have gotten to see Siv, the barkeep of the Silver Dagger, in action. It feels good to have the story moving along now and a much faster pace. I hope you can also see why I took my time to get us here. It’s all about crafting a piece of art and […]

NOTE: To understand this scene you are going to have to back towards the beginning and re-read:) Well, I am at wondercon right now, actually i am staying with family talking about trying to figure out a new superhero that i should come up with. I am rather enjoying it.  Listening to the badguy list […]

Well when this goes up i will be on my way back from wondercon. So enjoy- and sorry for the lack of trav commentary due to the fact i will be traveling. Still updates are good:) trav

WE ARE 75% FUNDED. I am so amazed by the support. The kickstarter project needs about $1300 to meet the goal. Anything else that comes in after that will go to Vol 2. If you want to help support the project just go here Bean Vol 1 Kickstarter project. I will be posting more later. […]

There is a lot going on – we have less than $900 to go and are 82% funded on the kickstarter project. Everything that goes over will go to the printing of vol 2- I will post more on that later. I am truly humbled by the power of kickstarter and how it allows artists […]

Today’s update. Well all heck is about break loose at the inn, yet even in the roughest of moments, one needs a drink:) Kickstarter update :89% funded Funding is at 90%. We are a about $450 shy of raising the $5000 grand for the graphic novel. I cannot believe how fast this happening. We have […]

We made the $5000 goal yesterday! I very grateful for all  the support. If you want to see the whole post just look below. Well I need to get back to work. trav

Hi all- well work and book production is in full swing. I am really excited about how the next chapter of the story is panning out. I have about 8 pages left to pencil and ink and then text. The Kickstarter Project Well things are moving smoothing with the graphic novel. I wanted to say […]

Well, one of the cool things about the eisners is dinner. We were privileged to sit with a young man and his sweet wife. Paul Roman Martinez is the creator and illustrator of the web/print comic – the adventures of the 19XX. He has been nominated for a few awards, including the Eisner Award for […]

To all those wondering where gort was, well here he is and doing what he does best. Also we are at $5800 on the pledges…. The Kickstarter Project $15 gets you a copy of the book and FREE Shipping, plus your name printed in the book as well. So if you want a copy before […]

Chapter(book 9) update….I have 2 1/2 pages left on this book. I am hoping to have all the text in and put into edits on monday. Still much to do- trav The Kickstarter Project $15 gets you a copy of the book and FREE Shipping, plus your name printed in the book as well. So […]

Page and a half left to draw. The last 5 pages completely differed from the original script and made so much more sense. In fact I am really jazzed how it came out and it made this part of the story so much more realistic. Also we hit the $6000 mark. Really excited about the […]

Have an incredible labor day weekend- see ya in a few days The Kickstarter Project   $15 gets you a copy of the book and FREE Shipping, plus your name printed in the book as well. So if you want a copy before they become a available to the public in Nov and your name […]

A lot of good things have been happening. I finished all the art for the next chapter of the story and I am now laying in the text. I am really excited about it and should be starting chapter/book 10 soon. Also I have been pretty slammed with commissions and will start to put those […]

Just love the look on those guys faces. Well I should be working right now, but i have several home projects to do right now. A fence is the big one this weekend. Yet I am still on track meaning all the text layout is all but done. I have some tweaking to do and […]

Well it’s all winding down. I spent this weekend doing a lot of manual labor, so artwork took a back seat – sometimes other things just take over. Well I am beat so tomorrow – we’ll get back into book work Keep creating – trav The Kickstarter Project $15 gets you a copy of the […]

There are 14 days left on the kickstarter project. If you still want to help please just click below.  Ok bean updates- Chapter/book 9 is done and edits are in progress. I am happy. so I started chapter/book 10 and it’s gonna be good, well I hope. Well back to work trav The Kickstarter Project […]

There are 11 days left on the kickstarter project. If you still want to help please just click below.  so much going on- I am working on all sorts of projects. As for replying I will be on tonight to go over all the comments. I am still around though. Keep creating. trav The Kickstarter […]

There are times when I dread posting. Today is one of them. Yet there is a much bigger story at work here and the goal is to write a compelling emotional story. I hope I am doing so. I also know and have known that there are elements in a story that are crucial to […]

I am feeling a lot better, still stuffed though-  thank you for the well wishes – though I have a feeling I am going to have to have a tooth pulled, but oh well, it happens. I also apologize that I have remained silent, I have read all the comments, but I just do not […]

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP! WE RAISED OVER $8000 TO FUND THE GRAPHIC NOVEL! I am so amazed on how much overwhelming support has been  on “the Bean”. Thank you again for making the dream possible. -now back to the story- Also now would the time to go back and read through and see […]

a lot going on today. The Bean Vol 1 is actually going to press today so my mind is all over the place. I have though really enjoyed the comments and thoughts. Thanks guys for all the support so far. Trav

The books are at the printer and they being printed right now as I speak. Really excited. Also I knocked off 3 pages in the last few days. It’s been a very busy weekend and I am now a little worn out. Keep creating! trav      

I really should write these in the morning…. my brain is so fried at night, but the pen ventures on… keep creating trav  

UPDATE: Tales of the Broken Moon wiki- I am currently opening up a wiki dedicated to the bean. It is quite bare- and if there are some of you that would like to help out – that would be awesome. I think it will replace the world section of the site. Any thoughts? You can […]

This week the books should be completed on monday or tuesday and then ship. I am really excited about this.  It so cool to see everything finally come together. trav

Before we go further, I just wanted to say that these have been some of the hardest pages for me to illustrate. I would hope you would take a moment to go back and reread the sacking all the way to this point and you will start see things that an update every other day […]

Well I am halfway though the new pages of the next chapter. I like it’s direction and feel and I am happy with how it looks. Also I am prepping for my next show, which will be the Tucson Comic Con. First time there and I will be one of the guest. Gonna be doing […]

Book update- The book is being bound today. I am pretty excited about that. There was a a minor bump in the road but the printer fixed it and I will be using them again. I will have books for the Tucson Con and then the rest come next week and then I start the […]

Just finished off several commissions and i have a few more- i will be posting those sometime today. Its just been a really busy season. Also please help our Kickstarter project for vol 2-  we broke the $3000 mark and have only $1800 to go- We could use all the help we can get. Plus […]

Working on the cover to vol 2, I am really excited about how it is coming. I’ll prob start inks later this week and the back cover art. REMINDER Starting January 1st my update schedule will change to twice a week for a few months. I am so sorry – it’s just the only way […]

Here are the inks for the cover of vol 2. I will be posting the back art on friday. This has been pretty exciting, we have about $800 to go on the kickstarter and I am finishing up most of the commissions this week and then I’ll finish the layout on the next chapter of […]

Well time for the cover to vol 2. Pretty cool. here it is…. It really captures the full essence of the next 4 books. I will be posting the back art hopefully next week. Other great news, we have about $450 to go on the kickstarter and I am finishing up most of the commissions […]

What a fantastic way to end the year. The holidays have been wonderful this year and I am really happy with were the bean has gone this year. Funding the first bean graphic novel- now funding the second one has been …. well… amazing. Bean vol 2 funded the other day. There are 8 days […]

time for a little history lesson 🙂 Vol 2 should go to press this week and i am very engaged in vol 3- started chapter 11 last – ok i had to rework the first page twice but it was worth it.

So here is vol 3’s update. I have the first 3 pages done of chapter 11. I am pretty excited about that. I have some more news but i will post that later. keep creating trav

Well the book went to press today. It was exciting and now I am driving to work through vol 3. I am into the third chapter of vol 3 with knocking off 3 pages this week. What is frustrating is there is a lot going on so I am doing a one man juggling act. […]

I hope you take a moment and look at some of the other recent posts. I have been trying to add more to the blog. Also I should be getting the proofs to vol 2 today. keep creating trav

Sent the proofs back for vol 2 today- things are looking good. The book looks fantastic. Well back to work… Trav

Small update…. been really sick the last few days and the whole family has been down for the last two weeks. With 5 kids you expect it to go around. It’s part of life and signed up for it so I am not too distraught that my productivity has tanked. I am feeling better and […]

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