The Bean 406
The Bean 406
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I just love this page for some reason- i don’t know, it just feels cold and lonely to me.

Time is running out on the kickstarter project!


SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

Didn't even notice the bloke down in the lower left for a while there. Figured it was just another page of random mountains for some undeterminable reason.

eO_Jande » 9 Aug 2012 » Reply

Trav, this sequence is reminding me of another favourite book of mine: Anno's Journey. I have fond memories of my daughter and I spending many happy hours trying to "find Anno". <3

lithicbee » 9 Aug 2012 » Reply

Getting closer… I wonder if Bean has finished reading his homework assignment yet.

    lithicbee » 9 Aug 2012 » Reply

    Wow, the profanity detector is working on overload.

      trav » 9 Aug 2012 » Reply

      I guess it is- you should be able to write assignment now

susan » 9 Aug 2012 » Reply

It's scenes like this that make me wish you were able to do all this in color. I bet it would be AMAZING

    trav » 9 Aug 2012 » Reply

    when the story is all over we will look at doing it in color

      susan » 13 Aug 2012 » Reply

      Even though I will own all the books in black and white I would still pony up for them in color. I'm really hoping for that!

        Trav the bean » 13 Aug 2012 » Reply

        lol- i did the same with jeff smiths books (bone) and richard and wendy's books (elfquest) it was worth it

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