The Bean 419
The Bean 419
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Hello all- I hope everyone is doing well and being creative.

So here are the updates on Book 3- I know a lot of people are curious on what is going on and how the whole process works and where I am at with things. We will start with the inside pages.

I have 2 pages of bonus pages for the book to draw. I am excited with the extra pages in the book- I think it will add so much more flavor. I also have a few spot illustrations to add to the book as well. (just small pieces). The book is back in edits. This were I do all the clean up, have the spelling and grammar checked and do the final prep for print. It is also where I go over all the art to make sure it is good.

The cover is all but done- In fact I am finishing that tonight. I have to add one last quote.  Once that is done I will double check that and prep the artwork for print. This means I am converting it all to cmyk for print.

Now once that is done I will finish all the cards and the rest of the maps. plus all the custom artwork for people who pledged that amount. I am excited to see how it all works out.

I will be posting the cover soon and it looks like the downloadable pdf version will be available very very soon.

Thank again for all your support, I really appreciate the how so many of you have stood by me as this story continues to unfold. Thank you

So keep creating