The Bean 477
The Bean 477
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Just click the image:)

yup 4 days left and we are done with the funding aspect of my kickstarter project. We are also soooooo close to the coloring book stretch goal. Thanks again for all the help.

…. and if you want to be part of this just click the images.

Here is also the back cover – there will be text and other information on it. Its going to be a nice wraparound…. I thought you would enjoy it.

Keep creating and always look for the fun in life-



Guest » 17 Oct 2013 » Reply

Second panel…urgancy should be urgency I believe.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    got it- thanks- we'll change it as we take it to print.

Pam » 21 Apr 2013 » Reply

Sigh. Found this a couple of months ago and finally caught up. Now I'll have to absorb everything slowly like everyone else. But I'm glad to see a new Kickstarter, and will have to go and check it out!

Keep up the good work.

lithicbee » 18 Apr 2013 » Reply

Uh oh, Ravna's on a collision course with the Bean, huh?

    trav » 18 Apr 2013 » Reply

    now would i make it that simple 🙂

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