The Bean 490
The Bean 490
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Celidah » 6 Jun 2013 » Reply

And if either Bean or the Collector knew how close they were to each other…

    SotiCoto » 9 Sep 2013 » Reply

    Does anyone know how close they are?
    While these underground / overground transition pages tend to give the impression that everything is pretty much happening in one small space (and that everything besides the mountain castle is pretty much within 5 minutes walk of each other), I'm led to believe it intends to convey a bit more distance than it first appears to.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    actually they are pretty far from each other- bean is in the plains – while the collector is still underdarkleaf…

    time to find the map

Roy » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

Typo free today!
(Love the transition pages, btw)
(not for that reason)

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    more to come- 🙂

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