The Bean 491
The Bean 491
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Good day- I am in full artbook production right now- So as you can see I have been a little scarce. 🙂

Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal cast and realistic cast….

Bean…. This is a hard one- I would want bean to be both young and yet he has to be a strong actor, there is a lot of weight on this lads shoulder. My fear is the actor will not have the chops to pull it off… he must look about 13, but could be between 13 and 17


Old Ben…



The Collector…. (voice)

Gort…. (voice)

Groggle…. (voice)

the Guardian…. (voice)

Mama Farie…



Thaddeus …. (voice)

Madalynn…. (voice)

Crimson Per….

Fencer Per….

Other than that- i will post my cast list later –




LuckyWeasel » 6 Jun 2013 » Reply

The creature is still following them….

Regarding the Kickstarter, just give us a heads up on when you sent out the survey so that we know we should be checking our inboxes or spam/junk mail.

Thanks, Liesl

    trav » 6 Jun 2013 » Reply

    Liesl –
    Oh I will – I will send the surveys out the minute i send the book off to print- and I will bombard you from every angle to remind you:)

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