The Bean 664
The Bean 664
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patreonsmalladThe dark truth comes out. Legends and myths becoming reality… or are they. I guess learning one’s personal history can be pretty rough or exciting depending on how you look at it.

This week will be wild- i will be at FAN FEST in phoenix this weekend- free sketches for everyone and i will be taking my boy to go on a mission for two years. I am really excited for him, as he goes on a life changing experience. I sure love him and not sure how i am going to make it work being down my right hand man. Yet I know all will work out and the growth he will go through will be incredible.

So keep creating and here is too the next grand adventure –




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Celidah » 5 Dec 2015 » Reply

He may not be afraid, but he's just about to get himself into way more trouble than he realizes. Let's hope Bean can keep it under control…

Megaben » 1 Dec 2015 » Reply

Not directly related to today's strip, but here's a wild fan theory:

Bean's mother never died. She turned herself into a grenel, and Bean will have to fight her at some point.

@calvsie » 30 Nov 2015 » Reply

I want this man slapped.
He is very arrogant and full of himself.
I've known people like him, they have a good excuse or an explanation for why they are not the bad guy.
Sorry… your story is invoking a lot of emotion with this encounter which probably means you are doing your job right.

    Megaben » 1 Dec 2015 » Reply

    See, I disagree. I think Bean's father is very upfront about being the bad guy. He just doesn't care all that much, because being the bad guy is beneficial to him. He seems like a classic sociopath.


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