Chapter 17 – the hunted starts today. The first page of book 5…. 🙂 oh boy. Also I will be at the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in seattle- come by for free sketches, for good times and great fun. trav  

Good morning- I  am sorry that it’s almost mid-day and this update hasn’t gotten up. We just got back from a FANTASTIC Emerald City Comic Con show. It was incredible. I am though glad to be home and this update would have been sooner had it not been for the flight delay last night. We […]

Sometimes… one just needs to enjoy the scenery. Wondercon is now completed and the adventures move on. My next adventure is the LA Book Fair. Wondercon was wonderful and I am  very tired but extremely happy – I really enjoyed the wonderful spirit of the show and how things turned out. There were laughs, smiles […]

Good morning my friends- Today’s update deals with the beginnings of the helixshire origins. Also Bean is still in edits… you know me and dyslexia 🙂 So there are a few. I am also working on the map artwork, which is coming out incredible. Thank you again for all your incredible support and being there. […]

Just got back from the festival of books. I am pretty worn out, but i still got the update up. It was a fantastic fun festival. Working on finishing the edits this week and hopefully in two weeks i will have abook ready for print. trav  

Today is a big day- I am setting up Book 4 to go to print tonight- I am very excited with what is happening and how things are turning out. I am finishing off a few last minute corrections for the interior and the cover. This is exciting to see what is finally happening and […]

Good morning- I hope the day finds you well and the adventure exciting. Well we are back in the underground and the story is moving into a direction that I am really excited about. Also a lot of work is happening on the Kickstarter- Rewards are being drawn and the trading cards are going to […]

Good morning- Today book 4 went to press. It is about time I tell you. YAY. Also packing up for Denver Comic Con- Looking forward to being there. Oh and …. exploring some new themes for bean…. 🙂 trav  

Today’s update-  – well since i am coloring the comic from here on out- i need to start to going backwards as well to make sure this new chapter is in full color. It is a little bit of work – but in the end it is sooooo worth it. I’ll be updating these pages […]

Good afternoon- First off I bet you notice something different…. Well I would like to talk about the direction of the Bean, and one of the hardest choices I have ever had to face about my comic. I got back from 2 Huge comic shows in a 10 day period. I am little tired, but […]

See – i am not lying… it was not an april fools joke… Bean is really going to color. Right now I am coloring from both ends of the story:) Which is going to take a lot of work. Yet at the end of the day it will be worth it. In fact because of […]

I want to thank everyone for all the kind comments, your support reminds me that there are very good people out there- I have had a lot on my mind since the car was stolen last night and a lot to ponder about. A few main thoughts have gone through my head over and over […]

Coming in today from the Las Vegas Comic Con. Full update in a bit, so the blog will change mid day… until then- enjoy the newest page to the story and keep creating. trav  

The kickstarter rewards are going out now. In fact I bet that many of you have now received book 4 already and are devouring it as we speak. A lot of good things are going on here. I have the first two chapters colored. I am looking at kickstarting  the books in color this fall. […]

This is the week of comic con. If you are the show come visit me for free sketches and lots of fun at table e01. It’s gonna be a blast. Also I hope you enjoy today’s update. More questions than answers. Keep creating. trav  

Sorry today was a little late. I just got back from the SDCC and boy am I tired.  Really happy with how this page turned out. Now I am going to take a little nap. trav  

Ever moving forward – and I am excited about how the color is adding so much more of a mood to the story. It is giving it such a more cinematic feel to it. So what’s  going on with  this adventure…. Well I did some major changes to my Patreon campaign. It’s now only a […]

I was sitting here looking at the title of the comic and realized that I have drawn over 646 pages of one story. I don’t plan to stop either. I am in awe over how this story has evolved and how I have grown as human being because of it. A tale of dishwasher, who […]

Good morning – or good day- depending on where you at. Today’s update is all about trust… or who do you trust? We are also moving into the new month of our patreon campaign. A great way to support comics or other art projects. There is no obligations but there are some perks. In fact […]

This weeks update throws us deeper into the world of Culver’s Gulch.  So curious on people’s feelings about the color work at the moment. It’s been about a month since we changed the comic from b/w to color. The transition has involved more work but I feel that it has really added to the story. […]

Today is update 650. Can you believe it- 650 updates … wow…. wow. The saga just keeps growing and  as I look back I am enjoying the growth and maturity in my art. It’s an interesting journey looking back over ones work for the last several years and seeing where it is going.  

Good morning – Enjoy today’s update, it has been fun working on these pages and many more are to come.  Nothing like a bit of intrigue to start the morning. So today is question and answer day… you can ask me almost anything about the comic and I will be more than willing to answer… […]

This week is Salt Lake City Comic Con week. I am soo looking forward to hanging out at this show. Come hang out for free sketches and all sorts of fun. trav  

just got back from Salt Lake City Comic Con- it was quite the adventure. Glad to be home and it was nice to see that the show improved over the last year. More to come – taking a rest for a moment keep creating. trav  

Good morning – sorry for the late post this morning- i’m not feeling well this morning – but i am going to make sure the show goes on. Thanks again for the support…. trav

One of things that i enjoy about this story… is when I complete circles…  Meaning events that were mentioned long ago now come full circle. This is one of those circles and I am really excited about finally getting to this point. In fact this was one of those sections of the tale, that I […]

Building an epic… I am amazed on how much work goes into building an epic. I am on page 659 and we are almost done with chapter 17. Then onto chapter 18. Much has happened with our young dishwasher and I am pretty excited about where this adventure is going. There is also a lot […]

Good morning. Quick update today. I am prepping for the Tucson Comic con. Looking forward to an weekend – but I needed to make sure that I got this page up. Keep creating trav  

Good morning- sorry I am a little late today. I got in really late from the tucson comic con last night and what an incredible trip that was. I love the small to mid size cons, I love the big shows as well, but those small shows really allow me to chat and talk with […]

Sorry for the delayed update this morning. My intent was to get this done by sat… but I started a project at home and bit off way more than I could chew. Got it done and we really begin to realize what kind of man bean’s father is….    

There is soo much going on during the next three weeks. Including fan fest – so I might be a little late in adding things. I hope you understand, but I am still working on pages 🙂 which is good. Very grateful at the moment… keep creating trav

The dark truth comes out. Legends and myths becoming reality… or are they. I guess learning one’s personal history can be pretty rough or exciting depending on how you look at it. This week will be wild- i will be at FAN FEST in phoenix this weekend- free sketches for everyone and i will be […]

Good morning. Back from fan fest and i am tired, but in a good mood. The show was fun and it was nice seeing family and friends again. Shout out to the phoenix crew, who put that together. It’s also nice to be back, with some open time for the next several weeks. I am […]

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