The Bean 676
The Bean 676
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Just finished my second show in two weekends. I am little worn down but the update went up. Also the game is in full swing- come check the magic out… it’s been fun  play testing at the shows as well.

travis hanson the goal


rfaramir » 22 Feb 2016 » Reply

Dishonest like most politicians. You can't buy them, but only rent them for a while.

An honest politician (when you can find them) *stays* bought!

    Odo » 24 Feb 2016 » Reply

    That's the definition. If they stay bought, they're honest.

    There is a second kind of politician, the one that's not for sale, but I think they're mythical.

      Random Guy » 24 Feb 2016 » Reply

      If they weren't for sale they would never have any campaign funds. The ones that can't be bought also can't afford to run for office.

goosefairy » 22 Feb 2016 » Reply

Somehow I don't think it will help. He strikes me as the kind to double dip. He'll turn 'em in for the reward is my bet. They need to get out of town quick.

Celidah » 22 Feb 2016 » Reply

Welp, that's one way to fix this mess. When in doubt, throw money at it!

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