The Bean 678
The Bean 678
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nomercy-kickstarter 300x250.jpg Today’s update is all about “official business”.  Also my kickstarter closes this week. So if you want to get the game early nows the time to get it.




Nic » 12 Aug 2017 » Reply

I don't think going into the hands of the local law will be healthy for dad in the medium term.
I can see him trying to be too clever with the lord or his dark elf.

zentai-suit » 20 Apr 2016 » Reply

Yes what is you price

morphsuit » 20 Apr 2016 » Reply

your comic is swell, Do you sell a paper version ?

Random Guy » 7 Mar 2016 » Reply

That's a straight shooter if ever I saw one. You lose customers if you can't stick to your deals.

Denita TwoDragons » 7 Mar 2016 » Reply

This guy's oilier than a mechanic's tee shirt after a long shift :-p

    Celidah » 7 Mar 2016 » Reply

    He's shiftier than a manual transmission in Chicago rush hour.

    He's trickier than a magician in a Las Vegas opening act.

    He's more crooked than a barrel of fishhooks.

@calvsie » 7 Mar 2016 » Reply

Oh clever, never break his word and still make the guard happy.

    wnp » 12 Mar 2016 » Reply

    and remove the real culprit.

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