The Bean 694
The Bean 694
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Here is today’s update- oh it’s gonna be fun for our heroes that is for sure. It is also nice to be home. No Shows for a several weeks. The next one I am slated to do is SDCC.

Well back to work I go. There is a lot of catch up to do and I want to get the next beginning chapter worked on as well.

Thanks again for being here




Just_IDD » 30 Jun 2016 » Reply

No name yet on this mystery character. The way he said visitors however struck me as not evil. I don't know why. Imagine some mostly mechanical but still slightly biological Earth dweller ancient creation. It might recognize Fencer as the progeny of its forebears. So perhaps initially cautious and then cautiously benign after a test. Whether Fencer knows he is being tested on the other hand may not be clear. I expect them to be separated at some point for that validation to occur.

    Trav the bean » 5 Jul 2016 » Reply

    possibly but you know me- nothing is as it seems 🙂

Random Guy » 28 Jun 2016 » Reply

Cyborg Fudog?

goosefairy » 28 Jun 2016 » Reply

Well, *this* doesn't look too good for our intrepid heroes.

rfaramir » 27 Jun 2016 » Reply

Doesn't exactly look like a healthy person, but then again, who's to judge when they're so long-lived.

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