The Bean 696
The Bean 696
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Good morning- and the week before sdcc… I love this time of year. A lot of work goes into prepping for this show, and to be honest, even during all the chaos, it is still a pretty fun show.

Also yes i know another transition page, but I love those pages, because it allows me to tell other aspects of the story that are not in the narrative. It also allows me to make my world fun and alive. As you look at it one page at a time though, you might not see it – but when you read it as hardcover or digital book, than you can see how the pages really really flow and how important these transition pages are.

Keep creating-




goosefairy » 14 Jul 2016 » Reply

Very moody and atmospheric. Has that early morning look to it.

Ruthie » 13 Jul 2016 » Reply

"How's that potato tasting, Scurvy, me mate?"
"Oh, you know *skrunch, skrchth*, it's a bit on the squeevilly side, if you know what I mean."
*nods* "Aye. I thought so meself… Heard anything interesting in the Alley Cat rumor circuits lately?"
"Huh?" *blinks, nibbles, scratches ear* "You know me. I only follow the Rat Tails. Never trust a cat, I always say."
*nods, scratches stubble* "Aye. True that."
Cat – "…….. HMPH! The NERVE of some people… err… I mean rats…"

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