The Bean 704
The Bean 704
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Sorry for the delayed update today. I just finished the SLCC  2016 Comic Con. We had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed meeting so many new faces and hanging out with many dear friends.  I am still traveling so I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to make this adventure work. Get the page up, working remotely is a new thing for me at the moment. I am getting used to it though.

I hope you are enjoying the great adventure.

Thank you again for all your support.




Megaben » 7 Sep 2016 » Reply

In the first and third panel, "thier" should be spelled "their".

Megaben » 7 Sep 2016 » Reply

I like this guy. He's a troublemaker.

    Starburst » 2 Oct 2016 » Reply

    And he's a natty dresser. Impeccably dressed troublemakers are the best.

jacquiemilner » 5 Sep 2016 » Reply

Well, I think I have a new favourite character! I'm very fond of Captain Whitestar already – breakfast before revenge, always a good idea.

sparkplug54 » 5 Sep 2016 » Reply

Big dreams can keep us going. They can also help us get nowhere.

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