The Bean 709
The Bean 709
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Today’s update is a little bit of the city. I like how it builds the world a bit more.

Also I am working on the next page and I think what I will be doing is a special livestream for those of my patreon supporters to go through the whole process. Penciling and inking. This will be a private session and I will be offering this just for them. A pure sneak peak of the next update and full video of the process. So if you want to be able to see this sign up and I will post the link to the video on my patreon site. I think this will be an ongoing process.

Thanks again for the support. Keep creating and dreaming big.




Random Guy » 12 Oct 2016 » Reply

It's the knights! Why are the saying 'ni' at that man?

Denita TwoDragons » 11 Oct 2016 » Reply

World-building is one of the reasons I check for updates every day. You really know how to flesh out an environment!

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