The Bean 711
The Bean 711
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Good morning- What an incredible weekend at Phoenix Fan Fest. I had a lot of Fun and hung out with some incredible people. It was a fantastic adventure, one that left me very very touched and very excited about some of the future projects I am working on.

I also livestreamed the coloring process of the bean in a private feed for my patreon fans. Those that are at the 5 level and above. Thank you for your support. I am looking at doing some revisions to my page a little and create more opportunities for some really really cool stuff.

Also the next kickstarter game is going strong and I hope you take a moment to jump on in and support this new game. Thank you again for all your incredible help.

More livestreams coming, especially with a little teaching instruction. Thank you again for your support and remember to always dream big.


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hoomi2 » 24 Oct 2016 » Reply

I find myself wondering which of these two is more likely to stab the other in the back first.

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