The Bean 727
The Bean 727
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Good morning- time for a bean update- I will work the edits when I get to print- I hope you are enjoying the adventure and now its time for the bean to get direction…. Keep creating





wnp » 16 Feb 2017 » Reply

Never trust who you do not know. Especially when they start trying to order you around. That includes yourself.

Roy » 13 Feb 2017 » Reply

Hmm… "Bonded to you the both blades are." It reads a bit awkwardly. "Bonded to you the two blades are" is perhaps a bit better. "Bonded to you both blade are." could work. "to you bonded both blades are" is maybe a little too much Yoda. 🙂 A simple "Both are bonded to you." works but isn't as interesting.

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