The Bean 729
The Bean 729
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A destiny to continue…



grammarnittpick » 1 Mar 2017 » Reply

For fuck's sake learn some grammar!
How often do you mistake "she's" for "her"?

    Mr. Mudd » 2 Mar 2017 » Reply

    For a grammar Nazi, you really should learn how to spell. The word is "nitpick" not "nittpick".

    Denita TwoDragons » 4 Mar 2017 » Reply

    Dude have some heart, he's dealing with a loss in the family right now and still put out a comic for us.

    Trav the bean » 6 Mar 2017 » Reply

    these are shown before they go to the editor when the book publisher- even some of the text changes. Sorry to offend you- it;s all good.

DeseretGear » 27 Feb 2017 » Reply

Hey at least Ganadon acknowledges his half-breed descendant so he's a better dad then ugly-beard mcMurderface. Of course that's not exactly saying much

Tobias » 27 Feb 2017 » Reply

You have a little problem there with it's vs its. Just remember, it holds its possessions close, but it's to be expected.

BTW, sorry to hear of your loss, Trav. God be with you and your family.

Seros Senric » 27 Feb 2017 » Reply

I'm thinking saying this would have worked better if he hadn't just been shouted at moments before.
Still, lets see what our Bean does now.

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