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The Bean 734
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Sorry that we missed last week. My oldest daughter got married and so my week has been chaos, a good chaos though. I am back and working though and feeling good about where the adventure is going. Thank you for all your support- keep dreaming big-




Megaben » 17 Apr 2017 » Reply


Random Guy » 12 Apr 2017 » Reply

I hope the dowry didn't break you. Remember no refunds, returns, or exchanges!

Mike C. » 11 Apr 2017 » Reply

Congratulations to her!

Roy » 10 Apr 2017 » Reply

overthere should be two words. Would suggest different punctuation after 'If we are going to go.' It's just a sentence fragment right now. Very nit-picky, but using 'amount' with a countable noun like 'soldiers' seems off. Number would be better, but… artistic license and all that. ("The traditional distinction between amount and number is that amount is used with mass or uncountable nouns ( the amount of paperwork; the amount of energy) and number with countable nouns ( a number of songs; a number of days). Although objected to, the use of amount instead of number with countable nouns occurs in both speech and writing, especially when the noun can be considered as a unit or group ( the amount of people present; the amount of weapons) or when it refers to money ( the amount of dollars paid; the amount of pennies in the till).")

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