Fan Art-

Actually it is not what you think it might be about, and though I love getting fan art, some of which I will post later, I also enjoy drawing it. In fact I started going through some of the sites that I enjoy and that give me traffic and thought I might send a little love back. I am really jazzed that there is some incredible new webcomics popping up and I will be posting some new links to those discoveries.

I have also decided to start posting a little of my own fan art to the webcomics I enjoy reading. It is something I cannot do all the time, but every now and then I get an itch that needs to be scratched.

Now if you want to send fan art of the bean in- I would love to see it and I will post it in a new page section just for fan art.

So onto the new drawings.

The first is for my buddy who created the incredible comic reMind. A fantastic project detailing all the ins and outs of webcomic creation. He just made is goal for and is still producing some killer work.

I love the story and the illustrations. It is really a notch above the rest of the comics out there. His drive is awesome as well and in my chance to meet him and his wife at SDCC this year I must say I was incredibly impressed.

He has what it takes. So head on over and take a gander at his work. I hope you come away as impressed as I did.

Just click the link above and click the artwork for a larger image.

The next piece is for a comic that I found when I started the website a few months back.

It is called Red’s Planet and the art is fantastic with an extremely well thought out storyline which I will not ruin for you.

I will say though it really brought back some wonderful memories of my own childhood to some degree. The art will blow your mind as well and I am really excited to see where it is taken.

I must say I had a really fun time creating the piece on the right and it sort of pulled me back into my print mode (which I will posting later).

Also check his link selection he has some great new webcomics there that are well drawn and well written.

A very cool find. So stop by and see what’s going on over at red’s planet.

So there you have it for a bit. Just some fan art. I really enjoyed playing with a few other characters that are not my own and I look forward to doing a few more.

So go check these great comics out