the Power of Imagination : new print

I am in the mode of working on two new prints. Actually I am working on 4 new prints with 5 more in the wings waiting to enter the concept stage, yet I felt compelled to share them with you. They will each be colored and I will post the final inks later on.

As a kid, there was nothing one couldn’t do with their imagination. Worlds were saved or conquered, all with the help of a few card board boxes. The more friends you had sometimes meant the bigger the ship. My friend and I built some legendary space ships in his garage on a camper. We went everywhere, from deep underwater to the farthest regions of the cosmos.

Today is no different- We are only limited by ourselves. After a while people stop trying. As a kid you never stopped. The greatest minds never stop trying. The find ways to figure it out and sometimes with that comes many failures. Which is good, failure makes you learn to try something different. Not to give up on the dream, but to maybe take another approach at making it all work.

So keep dreaming and exercise that incredible power of imagination. You never know when you might actually need it one day.