If “the Bean” were a movie, who would play who….

So….. if “the Bean” were made into a movie, which by the way is pure speculation, who would you like to play who or if it was an animated film who would like the voices to be. I actually enjoy creating this type of speculation it allows me to get into the heads of my readers:)

So if you have a thought post it. Remember it can be either live action, which limits to a degree who can play who, or animated where it is just a voice.

The cast so far…..

Bean ….. ???? / ????

Siv ….. ???? / ????

Ravna ….. ???? / ????

Groggle …. ???? / ????

Gort …. ???? / ????

Fencer Per …. ???? / ????

Crimson Per …. ???? / ????

the Collector …. ???? / ????

the Guardian …. ???? / ????

Directed by…… ???? / ????

Special effects or animation by …… ???? / ????

Music by …… ???? / ????

I’ll post later and I’ll even add more characters here as the story progresses.  Yet for now without creating to many spoiler issues, who would you like to see play / voice the characters. And ya know, once we get enough suggestions maybe we’ll do some voting on them and pick the perfect cast.

Also on a side note… All the interior art for issue 6 is done. I will start scanning and laying out the story with text later tonight. Gonna color the cover in the next few days as well. Then on to edits and then on to press.

Keep creating