news, tidbits and other things….

Well I figure it is time to do a little updating. It’s been a very busy month for me and let me tell you that at times, it gets really hard to finish the projects I am working on. Take issue 6 for instance, it has been like pulling teeth, yet as I go into the home stretch, I find myself getting really excited on where things are going, yet sometimes I feel like the only one.

Ok lets get to the news-

ISSUE 6: I am finishing the layout of the text today, which means this evening it will go into edits and allow me to finish or at least start the cover. Really cool knowing that It will go to press very very soon, possibly in two weeks. I will also post the cover as soon as I can so everyone can enjoy some new artwork.

Issue 7: Since edits do not take much and the cover should be done by tomorrow or friday, I will start pencils on 7. There are some strong additions to the story in 7 and I am really pleased to see how well it has developed over the years.

Issue 8: Yup, I am starting 8 as well. I am actually going to begin scripting on my moments of quietness. 8 is a huge part in the story and so I want to make sure it is done right and given justice. It’s a great pivotal moment.

Ok now on to cons, conventions. My schedule is starting to fill up which is nice. We are going to be at the follow shows and I will post information as it gets closer.

October : APE (alternative press expo) and Long Beach Con

Mar 2011 : Emerald City Con (washington)

April 2011 : Wonder Con San Francisco

May 2011 : Phoenix Comic Con

July 2011 : SDCC (San Diego Comic Con)

There are a few more in the works and some other possible appearances, but I like to keep things in check, the more traveling I do the less I get to work on Bean, yet as things happen, I will keep people informed on where I will be.

ALSO BEAN is in it’s first store . A very strong supporter of indy comics, I really appreciated the advice and encouragement they gave us. So if you are in the Santa Cruz area, go give these guys some support.

It is awesome to be on the shelves as well as online. One thing this does is it helps solidify deadlines on the comic. Something I need. So look for issue 6 in mid sept.

If you want to get bean in your store get them to contact us and we’ll set something up. We are currently working on securing a distributor, so be patient, yet they can also buy direct from us.

Ok I have talked your ear off- More to come later.

have a great day and keep creating.