Inks, practice and a need to breath a little.

First off I apologize for neglecting this part of my site. I find it hard at times to write every other day. Especially when one deals with all sorts of social media.

I have several new color prints in the works as well as many more inks, and other little tidbits. Most of these can be found just by clicking on the facebook icon.

One of the reasons I do inks and prints not related to the bean is because I need a creative release. I enjoy the bean, but every now and then I need to tackle what’s floating in my head.

I also feel the need to challenge myself. These inks allow me to do that. They hone my skills. Force me to work details in and let me tell stories that I normally would not be able to tell. Plus the let me just play.

Playing is very important to me. It helps keep the stress levels down and I find that it also gives me a wonderful bit of freedom away from life’s worries.

These two inks were more of a homage to my younger D&D days. Incredible adventures with a good group of friends. I also used it to work on some perspective for me. I tried a few new things and I wanted to go back to some strong blacks.

I think I learned something new, and I look forward to putting it to good use. I have a few more of these that I want to finish. So remember practicing is ok and needed. You shouldn’t have to only do one thing with art. Feel free to test your skills and just draw for you. It is more important to your sanity and skills than you think.

Well back to the grind and some new art. Keep creating and most importantly just have fun.