Maps of the Brokenmoon

I figured it was time to show the maps. I personally love maps. This is only a small portion of my world. I created two maps, one is for the above ground.  The other map is the world below.  I approached the map below ground a little different. When I create my maps I try to think like the individual who drew them. What were their intentions. The underground map, I wanted to be drawn Roc Noc- I figured it would have things that were important to them. It sounds crazy but it makes the process a little more exciting.

This should make it easier to find out where you are going and where our hero’s are going as well.

keep creating.



J-Dotson » 19 Jan 2013 » Reply

I love your world you have created trav.

    trav » 21 Jan 2013 » Reply

    thank you- more of my worlds to come

Gillsing » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

The White Hall is in the middle of a river? I don't know how I missed that.

    trav » 17 Jan 2013 » Reply

    pretty safe spot of capital

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